All About Products

There are so many products out there.  The supermarkets, malls, neighbourhood stores are chock full of stuff.

Along with all this comes packaging and advertising.  The manufacturers with big advertising budgets go all out to grab eyeballs. They want you to put hands in your pockets and shell out your hard-earned money to buy everything they have to offer.

Its a mad world out there.

You do not know if the advertising is truthful. You do not know if the seductive packaging deserves the product inside.  You do not know if the freebie being offered will do more harm than good.

There are many review sites out there that allow you to air your views honestly.  But these sites are also deluged with product pushers who masquerade as honest users and confuse you.

Here I will attempt to write only about products I use.  Anything from kitchenware to cosmetics to shops I visited.  My views will be personal and honest.  Always.